WDJD-4 Digital DC Res/IP Meter & WGMD-4 2D Resistivity Imaging System
WDJD-4 Multi-function Digital DC Resistivity/IP Meter is the new developed terrameter with Res/IP sounding function as well as 2D Resistivity imaging.
WDJD-4 Digital DC Res/IP Meter & WGMD-4 2D Resistivity Imaging System Details:
WDJD-4 Electrode Switcher Box & WDJD-4 Mainframe


              Field Test


           1D Res Sounding Layout
              Data Procession
          2D Res Imaging Layout
WDJD-4 Multi-function Digital DC Resistivity/IP Meter is the updated model of WDJD-3 multi-function digital DC Res/IP terrameter, which install a 12V rechargeable battery.
It features multiple functions, high accuracy, fast speed, high reliability and excellent expandability. Measured data of WDJD-4 can be processed by other multi-electrode resistivity software, which makes the interpretation more convenient.

 Metal and nonmetal mineral resources detection
  City geophysical exploration, railway and bridge inspection 
  Hydrology and engineering geology as seeking for ground water, inspecting dam base and flood protection levee for incipient faults
  Geothermal prospecting
  1D resistivity sounding
  1D induced polarization sounding
  2D Resistivity imaging

Main Features:
   Transmitting unit and receiving unit are of all-in-one design, portable and lightweight.

   Super high-power, high anti-interference performance and precision: up to 6600w (1100v×6A) power, 48Vp-p voltage range ensures to get a good result in a area with high resistance.

  Automatically achieving compensation of self-potential, drift and electrode polarization, up to ±10V.

•   Receiving unit support transient over-voltage protection, transmitting unit supports over-voltage protection, over-current protection and AB open-circuit protection.

  For general resistivity and IP survey function, 9 types of electrode arrays are available. Electrode distance (namely “Program”) can be inputted or called. Geometric factor K can also be generated automatically or calculated manually.
     For multi-electrode 2D resistivity imaging, up to 18 electrode arrays are available. It could scanning measure according to fixed section (including AMNB, ABMN, AMBN, AMN, MNB, A-MN-B, Sp M, Sp MN, charge M, charge MN) or continuous rolling scanning measure according to variable section (including A-M, A-MN, AB-M, AB-MN, MN-B, A-MN rectangle).

•   Program: the program can memorize 100 groups of electrode distances, avoiding repetitive input. Or you just input a program Id and step to call the corresponding electrode distances.

 Earth resistance inspection: ground condition can be inspected at any time.

   Mass data storage: Up to 1GB capacity (extended) enable store 5,000,000 groups measuring data (including current, voltage, SP, Ro, Ms, metal factor, TH, R, J).

   All parameter and data are under power-failure protection; and thus data will not be lost even thought the system shuts down accidentally.

•    USB port enables it to transfer data to computer. 
Technical specification:
  WDJD-4 Res/IP Meter
Voltage precision If Vp≥10mV, ± 5‰ ± 1LSB; if Vp < 10mV, ±1% ± 1LSB.
Input impedance ≥50MΩ
Apparent polarizability precision ±1% ± 1LSB
SP compensation range ±10V
Current channel 6 A, ±0.4% ± 1LSB, 24 bit A/D
Current precision If Ip≥ 10mA, ± 5‰ ± 1 LSB; if Ip < 10 mA, ±1% ± 1 LSB.
Suppression ≥80dB for 50Hz industrial frequency (common mode interference or differential mode interference).
Max transmitting power
For general Res/IP sounding, 6600W.
For multi-electrode Res imaging, 1125W, limited by WDZJ-4 switcher
For Res cable, 1350W
For IP cable, 2400W
Max voltage
For general Res/IP sounding, ±1100V (2200V peak to peak)
For multi-electrode Res imaging, 450V DC (limited by WDZJ-4 switcher)
Max current
For general Res/IP sounding, ±6A
For multi-electrode Res imaging, 2.5A DC (limited by WDZJ-4 switcher
Pulse width 1~60s, duty ratio 1:1
Display 160 × 160 dot matrix LCD
Storage ≤1GB
Working temperature -10℃~+50℃, 95 %RH
Storage temperature -20℃~+60℃
Instrument power internal 12V 9Ah rechargeable battery , lasts for 30 hours (or 12V external power supply)
Weight ≤ 4.4 Kg
Dimension (L×W×H)                270mm X 246mm X 175mm
WDZJ-4  Switcher
Max electrode connected
60 and 120 (for option)
Insulation impedance
Max working voltage
Max working current
Power supply
Internal 7.4V 4AH rechargeable lithium battery, last for continuously 25 hours work
Working temperature
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